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Section I  Vocabulary (10 points)
There are 20 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence and mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1.

1. In some countries girls are still_____of a good education。
A denied   B declined
C denved   D deprived
2. As the years passed, the memories of her childhood______away。
A faded     B disappeared
C flashed   D fired
3. Brierley’s book has the________ of being both informative and readable。
A inspiration   B requirements
C myth        D merit
4.If I have any comments to make, I’ll write them in the ______of the book I’m reading
A edge       B page
C margin     D side
5. My________would really trouble me if I wore a fur coat。
A consciousness         B consequence
C constitution           D conscience
6. When the post fell_______。Dennis Bass was appointed to fill it。
A empty            B vacant
C hollow            D hare
7. Mother who takes care of everybody is usually the most _________person in each family。
A considerate     B considerable
C considering     D constant
8. For ten years the Greeks _______the city of Troy to separate it from the outside。
A captured            B occupied
C destroyed           Dsurrounded
9. Other guests at yesterday’s opening, which was broadcast______ by the radio station, included Anne Melntosh and Mayor。
A live              B alive
C living             D lively
10. A New Zealand man was recently_________to life imprisonment for the murder of an English tourist, Monica Cantwell。
A punished            B accused
C sentenced           D put
11. The past 22 years have really been amazing, and every prediction we’ve made about improvements have al come____
A truly           B true
C Truth           D truthful
12. The teachers tried to ______these students that they could solve the complicated problem, however, they just didn’t see the point。
A convince            B encourage
C consult              D inclined
13. I’m_________ to think that most children would like their teachers to be their friends rather than their commanders。
A subjected      B supposed
C declined       D inclined
14. She is under the impression that he isn’t a_____________ person for he wouldn’t tell her where and when he went to university。
A genius               B generous
C genuine              D genetic
15. The first glasses of Coca Cola were drunk in 1886。 The drink was first _____by a US chemist called John Pemberton
A formed          B made
C found           D done
16. These two chemicals_________with each other at a certain temperature to produce a substance which could cause an explosion。
Ainteract            B attract
C react              D expel
17. _________they can get people in the organization to do what must he done, they will not succeed。 A Since           BUnless
C If               D Whether
18. Once you have started a job, you should do it__________。
A in practice   B in theory
C in earnest    D in a hurry
19. Although they new library service has been very successful, its future is ______certain。
A at any rate         B by no means
C by all means        D at any cost
20.To my surprise, at yesterday’s meeting he again _________the planthat had been disapproved a week before。
A brought about         B brought out
C brought up           D brought down

Section II  Cloze (10 points)
Directions: Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on ANSWER SHEET 1. 

Wholesale prices in July rose more sharply than expected and at a faster rate than consumer prices,21 hat businesses were still protecting consumers 22 the full brunt (冲 击) of higher energy costs.
    The Producer Price Index 23 measures what producers receive for goods and services, 24 1 percent in July. The Labor Department reported yesterday. Double  25  economists had been expecting and a sharp turnaround from flat prices in June. Excluding  26  and energy. the core index of producer prices rose 0.4 percent,  27  than the 0.1 percent that economists had  28 . Much of that increase was a result of an  29  increase in car and truck prices. 众凯MBA祝您考试成功
    On Tuesday, the Labor Department said the  30  that consumers paid for goods and services in July were 31  0.5 percent over all, and up 0.1 percent, excluding food and energy.
 32  the overall rise in both consumer and producer prices  33  caused by energy costs, which increased 4.4 percent n the month. (Wholesale food prices  34  0.3 percent in July.  35  July 2004, Wholesale prices were up 4.6 percent, the core rate   36   2.8 percent, its fastest pace since 1995.
    Typically, increases in the Producer Price Index indicate similar changes in the consumer index 37  businesses recoup (补 偿) higher costs from customers. 38 for much of this expansion, which started 39 the end of 2001, that has not been the 40 . In fact, many businesses like automakers have been aggressively discounting their products.
21. A indicate B to indicate C indicating Dindicated
22. A of         B to         C by       D from
23. A that        B which      C it        D this
24. Arise         B rises       C rose      D raised
25. A that        B what       C which     D this
26. A food       B grain       C crop      Ddiet
27. A less        B lower      C higher     D more
28. A said        B reported     C calculated  D forecast
29. A expectable   B. unexpected  C expectation  D expecting
30. A prices      B costs       C charges     D values
31. A down       B from       C to         D up
32. A Much       B Most       C Most of     D Much of
33. A was        B were        C is         D are
34. A fall        B fell         C falls       D has fallen
35. A Comparing with B In comparison C Compared with D Compare to
36. A dropped     B declined      C lifted      D climbed
37. A as         B so          C while       D when
38. A And        B But         C Yet        D Still
39. A at          B by         C in         D to
40. A condition     B situation    C matter       D case41.

Section III  Reading comprehension (40 points)
Read the following four passages. Answer the questions below each passage by choosing A, B, C and D. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1.

Passage One
    Office jobs are among the positions hardest hit by compumation (计 算 机 自 动 化). Word processors and typists will lose about 93,000 jobs over the next few years, while 57,000 secretarial jobs will vanish. Blame the PC: Today, many executives type their own memos and carry there” secretaries” in the palms of their hands. Time is also hard for stock clerks, whose ranks are expected to decrease by 68,000. And employees in manufacturing firms and wholesalers are being replaced with computerized systems. 众凯MBA祝您考试成功
    But not everyone who loses a job will end up in the unemployment line. Many will shift to growing positions within their own companies. When new technologies shook up the telecomm business, telephone operator Judy Dougherty pursued retraining. She is now a communications technician, earning about $ 64,000 per year. Of course, if you’ve been a tollbooth collector for the past 30 years, and you find yourself replaced by an E ZPass machine, it may be of little consolation(安慰) to know that the telecom field is booming.
And that’s just it: The service economy is fading: welcome to the expertise(专门知识) economy. To succeed in the new job market, you must be able to handle complex problems. Indeed, all but one of the 50 highest-paying occupations---air-traffic controller---demand at least a bachelor’s degree.
    For those with just a high school diploma(毕业证书).It’s going to get tougher to find a well-paying job. Since fewer factory and clerical jobs will be available .what’s left be the jobs that compumations can’t kill, computers cant clean offices ,or for Alzheimer’s patients(老年痴呆 病 人). But ,since most people have the skills to fill those positions, the wages stay painfully low ,meaning compumation could drive an even deeper wedge (楔 子) between the and poor, The best advice now ,Never stop learning ,and keep up with new technology.
For busy adults of course that can be tough ,The good news is that very technology that’s reducing so many jobs is a making it easier to go back to school without having to sit in a classroom. So called internet distance learning is hot, with more than three million students currently enrolled , and it’s gaining credibility with employers.
    Are you at risk of losing your job to a computer ? Check the federal Bureau of Labor
    Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook ,which is available online at bls.gov .

41.Prom the first paragraph we can infer that all of the following persons are easily thrown into unemployment EXCEPT.
A secretaries        B stock clerks       C managers        D wholesalers
42.In the second paragraph the anther mentions the tollbooth collector to
A mean he will get benefits from the telecomm fled
B show he is too old to shift to a new position
C console him on having been replaced by a machine
D blame the PC for his unemployment
43.By saying “ ┅ compumation could drive an even deeper wedge between the rich and poor “(line 5. Para 4 )the author means
A people are getting richer and richer
B there will be a small gap between rich and poor
C the gap between rich and poor is getting larger an larger
D it’s time to close up be gap between the rich and poor
44.What is the author’s attitude towards computers?
A positive       B negative       C neutral      D prejudiced
45.Which of the following might serve as the best title of passage?
A Blaming the PC
B The booming telecomm field
C Internet distance leaning
D Keeping up with compumation

Passage Two
    Tens of thousands of 18 year olds will graduate this year and be handed meaningless diplomas .These diplomas won’t look any different from awarded their luckier classmates Their validity will be questioned only when their employers discover the these graduates are semiliterate(半文盲)
    Eventually a fortunate few will find their way into educational – repair – adult – literacy
Programs, such as the one where I teach grammar and writing .There ,high school graduates and high school dropouts pursuing graduate equivalency certificates will learn the skills they should have learned in school ,They will discover they have been cheated by our educational system.
I will never forget a teacher senior when be had her for English .“He site in the back of the room talking to his friends “.she told me ,” Why don’t you move him to the front row?
    I urged believing the embarrassment would get him to settle down, Mrs. Stifter said ,"I don’t move seniors. I think (使 ┅ 不 及 格) them.” Our son’s academic life flashed before my eyes. No teacher had ever threatened him. By the time I got home I was feeling pretty good this .It was a radical approach for these times ,but well. Why not ? She’s going to flunk you “ I told my son.
    I did not discuss it any further.Suddenly English became a priorty (头 等 重 要) in his life.He finished out the semester with an A.
    I know one example doesn’t make a case,but at night I see a parade of students who are angry for having been passed along until they could no longer even pretend to keep up.Of average intelligence or better,they eventually quit school,concluding they were too dumb to finish.” I should have been held back,” is a comment I hear frequently.Even sadder are those students who are high-school graduates who say to me after a few weeks of class.”I don’t know how I ever got a high-school diploma.”
    Passing students who have not mastered the work cheats them and the employers who expect graduates to have basic skills.We excuse this dishonest behavior by saying kids can’t learn if they come from terrible environments.No one seems to stop to think that most kids don’t put school first on their list unless they perceive something is at risk.They’d rather be sailing.
    Many students I see at night have decided to make education a priority.They are motivated by the desire for a better job or the need to hang on to the one they’ve got.They have a healthy fear of failure.
    People of all ages can rise above their problems,but they need to have a reason to do so.Yong people generally don’t have the maturity to value education in the same way my adult students value it.But fear of failure can motivate both.
46.What is the subject of this essay?
A view point on learning
B a qualified teacher
C the importance of examination
D the generation gap
47.How did Mrs.Sifter get the attention of one of the author’s children?
A flunking him 答案查询登陆
B moving his seat
C blaming him
D playing card with him
48.The author believes that most effective way for a teacher is to
A purify the teaching environments .
B set up cooperation between teachers and parents.
C hold back student.
D motivate student.
49.From the passage we can draw the conclusion that the authors’ attitude toward flunking is
A negative
B positive
C biased
D indifferent
50.Judging from the content ,this passage is probably written for
A administrators
B students
C teachers
D parents

Passage Three
    Names have gained increasing importance in the competitive world of higher education. As colleges strive for market share, they are looking for names that project the image they want or reflect the changes they hope to make. Trenton.State College, for example ,became the College of New Jersey nine years ago when it began raising admissions standards and appealing to students from throughout the state.
    “All I hear in higher education is, “Brand ,brand ,brand,” said Tim Westerbeck, who specializes in branding and is managing director of Lipman Hearne, a marketing firm based in Chicago that works with universities and other nonprofit organizations. “There has been a sea change over the last 10 years. Marketing used to be almost a dirty word in higher education.”
Not all efforts at name changes are successful, ofcourse . In 1997 , the New School for Social Research became New School University to reflect its growth into a collection of eight colleges, offering a list of majors that includes psychology, music ,urban studies and management. But New Yorkers continued to call it the New School . 答案查询登陆
    Now,after spending an undisclosed sum on an online survey and a marketing consultant’s creation of “haming structures.” “brand architecture” and “ identity systems,” the university has come up with a new name: the New School.Beginning Monday, it will adopt new logon (标 识), banners, business cards and even new names for the individual colleges, all to include the words “the New School.”
    Changes in names generally reveal significant shifts in how a college wants to be perceived. In altering its name from Cal State. Hayward, to Cal State, East Bay, the university hoped to project its expanding role in two mostly suburban countries east of San Francisco.
    The University of Southern Colorado, a state institution, became Colorado State University at Pucblo two years ago, hoping to bighight many internal changes, including offering more graluate programs and setting higher admissions standards.
    Beaver College turned itself into Arcadia University in 2001 for several reasons: to break the connection with its past as a women’s college, to promote its growth into a full-fledged(完 全 成 熟 的) university and officials acknowledged, to climinate some jokes about the college’s old name on late-night television and “moring zoo” radio shows.
    Many college officials said changing a name and image could produce substantial results. At Arcadia,in addition to the rise in applications,the average student’s test score has increased by 60 points,Juli Roebeck,an Arcadia spokeswoman said.
51.which of the following is NOT the reason for colleges to change their names?
A They prefer higher education competition
B They try to gain advantage in market share.
C They want to project their image.
D They hope to make some changes.
52.It is implied that one of the most significant changes in highter education in the past decade is
A the brand.
B the college names
C the concept of marketing
D list of majors.
53.The thrase "come up with"(Line 3 Para 4)probably means
A catch up with
B deal with
C put forward
D come to the realizatoin
54 The case of name changing from Cal State Hayward to Cal State indicates that the university
A is perceived by the society
B hopes to expand its influence
C prefers to reform its reaching programs
D expects to enlange its campus
55.According to the spokeswoman the name change of Beaver College
A turns out very successful
B fails to attain its goal
C has eliminated some jokes
D has transformed its status

Passage Four
    it looked just like another aircraft from the outside The pilot told his young passengers that it was built in 1964.But apperances were deceptive and the 13 students from Europe and the USA who boarded the aiecraft were in for the fligt of their lives.
    Inside the area that normally had seats had become a long white tunnel.Heavily padded(填塞) from floor to ceiling it looked abit strange. There were almost no windows ,but ligts along the padded walls illuminated it.Most of the seats had been taken out apart from afew at the back where the young scientists quickly took their places with a look of fear.
    For 12 months,science students from across the continents had competed to win a place on the flight at the invitation of the European Space Agency .the challenge had been to suggest imaginative experments to be conducted in weightless condtions.
    For the next two hours the flight resembled that of an onormous bird which had lose its reson,shooting upwards towards the heavens before rushing towards Earth.The invention was to Achieve weightlessness for a few seconds.
    The aircraft took off smoothly enough. But any feelings that I and the young scientists had that we were on anything like a scheduled passenger service were quickly dismissed when the pilot put the plane into a 45 degree climb which lasted around 20 seconds. Then the engines cut our and we became weightless. Everything become confused and left or right. Up or down no longer had any meaning. after ten seconds of free fall descent the pilot pulled the aircraft out of its nosedive. The return of gravity was less immediate than its loss. but was still sudden enough to ensure that some students came down with a bump.
    Each time the pilot cut the engines and we became weightless. A new team conduct it experience. First it was the Ducth who wanted to discover how it is that cats always land on their feet. then the German team who conducted a successful experiment on a traditional building method to see if could be used for building a futher space station .the Americans had an idea to create solar sails that could be used by satellites.
    After two hours of going up and down in the lane doing their experiments, the predominate feeling was one of excitement rather than sickness. Most of the students thought it was an unforgettable experience and one they would be keen to repeat.
56.what did the writer say about the plane?.
A It had no seats.
B It was painted white.
C It had no windows.
D The outside was misleading.
57.according to the writer ,how did the young scientists feel before the flight?
A sick
B keen
C nervous
D impatient
58.what did the pilot do with the plane after it took off?
A He quickly climbed and then stopped the engines.
B He climbed and them made the plane fall slowly.
C He took off normally and then cut the engines for 20 seconds.
D He climbed and then made the plane turn over.
59.Acoording to the passage,the purpose of being weightless was to
A see what conditions bare like in space 答案查询登陆
B prepare the young scientists for future work in space
C show the judges of the competition what they could do
D make the teams try out their ideas
60.this passage was written to
A encourage young people to take up science
B describe the process of a scientific competition
C show scientists what young people can do
D report on a new scientific technique

Section IV  Translation (20 points)
In this section there is a passage in English. Translate the five sentences underlined into Chinese and write your translation on ANSWER SHEET 2. 

    The smooth landing of shuttle(航天飞机)Discovery ended a flight that was successful in almost every respect but one:the dislodging of a big chunk of foam,like the one that doomed the Columbia. This flight was supposed to vault the shuttle fleet back into space after a prolonged grounding for repairs. But given the repeat of the very problem that two years of retooling was supposed to resolve,the verdict is necessarily mixed.(61)Once again,the space agency has been forced to put off the flight until it can find a solution to the problem,and no one seems willing to guess how that may take .
    The Discovery astronauts performed superbly during their two-week mission,and the shuttle looked better than ever in some respects.(62)space officials were justifiably happy that so much had gone well,despite daily worries over possible risks. the flight clearly achieved its prime objectives.
The astronauts transferred tons of cargo to the international space station,which has been limping along overhead with a reduced crew and limited supplies carried up on smaller Russian spacecraft .(63)They replaced a broken device .repaired another and carted away a load of rubbish that had been left on the station,showing the shuttle can bring full loads back down from space.
    This was the most scrutinized shuttle flight ever. with the vehicle undergoing close inspection while still in orbit.(64)New sensing and photographic equipment to look for potentially dangerous damage to the sensitive external skin proved valuable .A new back flip maneuver allowed station astronauts to photograph the shuttle‘s underbelly .and an extra-long robotic arm enabled astronauts see parts of the shuttle that were previously out of sight .
    (65)The flood of images and the openness in discussing its uncertainties about potential hazards sometimes made it appear that the shuttle was about to fall apart,In the end the damage was clearly tolerable . A much-touted spacewalk to repair the shuttle‘s skin the first of its kind moved an astronaut close enough to pluck out some protruding material with his hand Preliminary evidence indicates that Discovery has far fewer nicks and gouges than shuttles on previous flights.
    perhaps showing that improvements to reduce the shedding of debris from the external fuel tank have had some success .

Section V  Writing (20 points)
In this part, you are asked to write a composition according to the information below. You should write more than 150 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. 
   Describe the diagram and analyze the possible causes .You should write at least 150 words on the ANSWER SHEET.

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